Our Story . . .

Meet Laura Harrison as a teenager.

She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of sixteen and has had multiple surgeries and therapies related to it.

Teenage Laura spent a lot of time on crutches and noticed others identified her by her crutches.
Being a cheerful girl, Laura didn’t like others feeling sorry for her, and she was tired of sore armpits, hands, and wrists!

Meet Jane Harrison, Laura’s mom. Lucky for Laura, Jane has always been creative and crafty. Jane shopped and shopped
to find something to relieve the pain of crutches. With nothing on the market at that time, she created what was to be the beginning of our company.

Jane’s crutch pad creation made Laura’s time on crutches much more comfortable.
The compliments were non-stop (Laura picked the fabric) and people wanted their own set.

While at the Mayo clinic, a doctor noticed Laura’s crutch pads. He encouraged Jane to go into business
with them so others could benefit from her fun, therapeutic creation.

Fast forward many years later. RA has ended Laura’s career as an art teacher. Jane is now retired. Together, they perfected the products and are helping others with stylish pain relief. We believe our products are superior in padding, comfort and style and hope you they help you too.

crutch caps laura jane

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Laura Harrison and Jane Harrison