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Crutch Handle Pads eliminate the pain of crutches. The camouflage fuzzy fabric is incredibly soft and a relief for your hands and wrists.  Combine with coordinating underarm crutch pads for maximum comfort, add a crutch tote bag for carrying ease. Our Fleece Camouflage Crutch Tote with black pocket safely holds all your essentials while on crutches.  Great for the outdoorsman/hunter wanting safety and comfort.  Mix with our coordinating underarm crutch pads and crutch handle pads. Camouflage Mobility Handle Grips Camouflage Mobility Tote Bag
Camouflage Crutch Bag with a black pocket
originally $24.95
SALE $17.99
Camouflage Mobility Handle Grips
originally $31.95
SALE $29.99
Camouflage Mobility Tote Bag
originally $51.95
SALE $49.99

Let us help eliminate the pain of crutches and other mobility aids.
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Have a safe and pain-free day!

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Crutch Caps are patented products