Our products have been used by a variety of people in different situations. Here is a small sampling of our customer comments. We hope you notice how pleased our customers are with their Crutch Caps and especially, how helpful they were to each customer with their work and personal life. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or need more information.


"I had to use crutches for 8 weeks and I don't know how I would have done it without them. They are super comfortable, easy to put on, and easy to clean, which believe me is important! Congratulations on such a fine idea and I hope many more people get a chance to appreciate them."

Andrew Kneessy
CEC Executive Chef The Kansas City Country Club

 "I want to thank you again for Crutch Caps. They have added a critical layer of padding that has truly saved my arm pits from irritation and pain. I can't wait to get off these crutches but until I do, I am thanking you every time I move around."

Jaime Jameson

 "When I was faced with 8 weeks on crutches due to mirco-fracture knee surgery, the thought of 8 weeks of those hard rubber crutch tops was daunting. I had heard about Crutch Caps and went on-line and ordered them. I hoped they would provide some cushioning for my underarms while using my crutches AND when resting on them. Can i just say, Crutch Caps made all the difference in the world! Not only are they cushiony-comfy but you can choose from a bunch of cool designs to fit your personality. Whether crutches are an indefinite part of your life or something you only need for a short while, Crutch Caps were a major source of comfort to me during my healing process. I'm off crutches now and have loaned them to a friend."  
Lesley A. Hause
Account Director Walz Tetrick

"Thank you so much for the Crutch Caps. They are so soft and very comfortable. Thanks for your great customer service!"
Caroline Salzman
High School Student

"I cannot THANK YOU enough for the WONDERFUL crutch caps!! As you know, Holly was completely exhausted by her crutches. Her arms were sore, the crutches were ugly and cumbersome. Your crutch caps helped alleviate two of those problems. The thick padding and soft cloth cover made it so much easier on her arms and the pink, plush fabric helped girl-ie up the unsightly crutches!! She was very proud walking into her classroom the next day with no pain and the cute caps!! I cannot thank you enough for coming up with such a genius idea! And if anyone in my family is on crutches again (God forbid) we will be ordering another pair."
Ann Frigon

Thank you for exceeding my expectations for customer service. I want to thank you for honoring the special deal of a the day with free crutch handle grips for my daughter. I really appreciate it!"
Mary Melidoni

"Thank you for my order of crutch caps. They are great and have been helping me a great deal with the pain in my feet. Good luck with your company!"
Jake Hart

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